Every element of the set of seat covers:

  • is letter-coded (A, B, C, ...) with a label sewn on the inside of the element;
  • matches a single part of every seat.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with every element of the set prior to beginning the installation.


The installation instructions, often attached, show the recommended steps for the easiest way of installing the set of seat covers.

First of all, and if need be, remove the front and back headrests and armrests, if they are recovered, to gain clear access to the seat.

Start by installing the covers on the front seats first:

The front seat cover is made up of two parts, one for the backrest and one for the seating part.

For every seat:

1. Start by installing the cover on the backrest.

The backrest is the part of the seat on top of which there are the holes for fixing the headrest.

a/ Turn the cover inside-out, just like a sock, so that the grey foam lining is on the outside and the upholstery material on the inside.

b/ Align, with one hand on the inside of the seat cover, the headrest's holes of the cover with those on the seat.

c/ Turn over the cover and roll it out carefully over the backrest keeping the headrest fixing points well aligned. The most important thing at this stage is the correct positioning of the top of the seat cover:

  • ·stretch well the cover as you pull it over the seat;
  • ·make sure that the stitches on the cover are placed over the stitches in the seat.

d/ In the space between the backrest and the seating of the front seat:

  • ·stretch evenly the cover and centre it carefully;
  • ·push the foam lip into the space between the seating and the backrest.

2. Installing the seating part:

  • ·Turn up the sides of the seating part of the cover like a sock (the upholstery material facing upwards and the sides turned up so that the lining foam shows);
  • ·Align the side stitches of the cover with those of the seat;
  • ·Pull the cover over the sides of the seat;
  • ·With the provided clips attach the front of the cover and fix the back with Velcro (depending on the type of the seat, check the provided installation instructions).

Repeat the same procedure with the other front seat (if applicable).

Continue with the back seats:

(This section does not apply to all vehicles)

Proceed with the installation exactly as with the front seats.

For the backrest covers on the back seats equipped with seatbelts, place the cover under the belt before aligning the stitches.

Finish with the headrests and armrests:

Begin by refitting the headrest on the seats.

To ease the installation of the headrest cover you can use a rectangular sheet of plastic of the width and twice the length of the headrest:

  • ·place it on the headrest,
  • ·place the cover over it,
  • ·remove the plastic sheet by pulling it out.

Make sure you align correctly the covers' stitches with those of the headrest.

Proceed in the exactly same way with other headrests and armrests (if applicable).